On paper, we’re a wealth management firm.

In reality, we’re equal parts creative lab, brain trust, and outspoken critics of the financial industry.

What we really are is…

A team of razor-sharp, innovative, collaborative, and creative thinkers with seasoned financial expertise, a renegade spirit, and zero commitment issues.

What we do is…

Provide opportunities for people to use what they have to get where they most want to go—and tap not just their potential for wealth, but their potential for living.

For our clients, we do it in the form of thoughtful, considered, bespoke Private Wealth Design. For our team, we do it by providing opportunities for education, growth, and collaboration, so that they can become not just skilled advisors, but keener thinkers, creative problem solvers, and better humans.

Your Team at Wealthnest


Principal | Advisor

Kevin H. Foster Financial Advisor

Kevin Foster, CFP ®

Principal | Advisor

Michael McGinley Financial Advisor

Michael McGinley, CFP ®

Financial Advisor

Lauren Huntsman Financial Advisor

Lauren A. Huntsman, CFP ®, CSLP®

Dir. of Marketing

Lance D. Ghidotti Wealthnest

Lance D. Ghidotti, MBA

Administrative Associate

angelo abante wealthnest

Angelo Ven C. Abante, MBA

nestology™ Difference

financial advisor chandler

Clever & Unconventional Wealth Management

We started from the ground up so we could be creative, innovative and respected in an outmoded and antiquated industry. Our firm offers a unique client experience through our proprietary nestology™ wealth management process.
financial planning chandler arizona

Together Everyone Achieves More

Our clients have seamless and continual access to all members of the team, allowing them maximum exposure to a wide range of specialties and expertise.
financial advisor chandler

Seasoned Expertise

Our proven expertise and hands-on approach to managing wealth has endured multiple market cycles, guiding our clients through turbulent times.
financial planner chandler

Objective Financial Advice

We pride ourselves on independence, devoid of any large corporate agenda. We are local, independent and provide only objective financial advice. Our recommendations are what we feel is best for each client’s individual situation.
The Wealthnest Process



Our discovery meeting is meant to focus on you, your life, your goals and aspirations. This discussion is meant to lay a firm foundation for a deep client relationship. This is a great opportunity to answer any and all questions you have about us as an advisory team, how we operate and our business philosophy.



Visualization is important to us, we do more than just push a pile of papers over to you and say “here is your financial plan.” Your financial future is more important than that to us. We sit down in our nestology™ room with you and visually break down what we think is the most effective plan for you to reach financial independence.



During implementation, we take the time to review and finalize all the odds and ends of your personalized financial plan. We want to make sure that you fully understand your financial plan and resolve any and all questions you may have. We introduce you to your financial team, because with Wealthnest we are more than one advisor we are a financial team!



Open communication is critical to success. This is why continual maintenance and yearly meetings with your advisory team are emphasized here at Wealthnest. We provide plenty of time for our clients to review their accounts with their team as needed. We are here for you, and that is represented in our continual effort to meet and communicate with ALL our clients!

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