Budget–It’s Not a Bad Word

It’s time to take stock of your spending habits and create a budget. Seeing the numbers in front of you can help you understand your financial situation and figure out where you can economize. Millennials face some unique financial stressors that are quite different from those that previous generations encountered. The fallout from the Great

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Why Couples Fight Over Money.

You see money one way, your partner sees it another. Don’t let financial disagreements take a toll on your relationship. Differences about money can cause friction in your relationship. That’s why a trusted, impartial financial advisor can be such a valuable intermediary when couples disagree about spending, savings, and investments. A financial advisor can address

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Save and Invest Without Even Thinking About It

Automate your retirement planning and wealth-building approach. Build your emergency fund with automatic transfers. Practically any bank or credit union can arrange daily, weekly, or per-paycheck transfers of money from a checking account into a savings account, or split your incoming paycheck into percentages going to both accounts. Try some apps. Apps like Qapital subtly