AT FIRST GLANCE, IT MAY SEEM ODD TO CONSIDER DISTINCTIONS BY GENDER WHEN IT COMES TO FINANCIAL PLANNING. AFTER ALL, ISN’T SAVING AND GENERATING FINANCIAL SECURITY A COMMON PURSUIT IRRESPECTIVE OF SEX? While tactics are of course the same, the general circumstances associated with women (as compared to men) necessitates a customized approach to financial

high net worth charitable giving

High-Net-Worth Individuals and Charitable Giving.

Benevolence does not have to come at the expense of tax savings. LET’S BE CLEAR: CHARITABLE GIVING IS A STANDALONE ACT WHOSE VALUE IS TO BENEFIT OTHERS. But for high-net-worth individuals, it is not conflicting to point out tax considerations when making charitable contributions. The considerations are not to deter giving; rather, they are to

tax harvesting Arizona

How Tax-Loss Harvesting May Help Lower Your Tax Bill

A volatile year in the financial markets can create opportunities for reducing your taxable income. Many investors use the closing months of the year to review their portfolios and assess their winning and losing investments. It’s also a good time to do tax planning for the upcoming filing season; decisions you make before year-end can